Student Testimonials

I would definitely encourage others to participate in NSE, especially in Alaska! There are so many opportunities out there for whatever it is you are interested in and NSE is definitely a great way to explore the different options that are available outside of where you live.

Karen Soto, Fall 2015

"The most significant change I experienced with the NSE participation has to be academically. I did get to make friends from all around the world but the interaction I had with my professors was incredible. I came back more confident about what my abilities are."

Nirvana Araujo Tua, Fall 2015

"Throughout my exchange I decided to start volunteering at the local hospital. I went to Wisconsin with aspiration of becoming a veterinarian and came out with a desire to be a pediatrician. The exchange program allowed me to open up my mind to new opportunities available to me."

Abigail Dominguez, Spring 2014