Tuition Plans

  • HOST pay (plan A)

    Plan-A students pay FIU in-state tuition/fees. This is a manual process coordinated by the FIU-

    Plan-A students pay FIU in-state tuition/fees. This is a manual process coordinated by the FIU-NSE office. To waive your out-of-state portion of the tuition, please have your schedule finalized by August 4, 2023 for Fall semester and December 1, 2023 for Spring semester. 

    If you make any changes to the number of credits after these dates, please contact the FIU-NSE Office to get the tuition adjusted accordingly. All tuition payments are due by the university’s payment deadline. Please refer to the academic calendar for specific dates/deadlines. For a $15-per-term fee, FIU now offers a payment plan which will allow you to pay off your tuition balance in multiple installments.  

    A payment plan can be arranged via your MyFIU account prior to the semester start date. If you are applying for financial aid, it will go through FIU. If you have not submitted the free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) do so immediately. 

    You will need to list FIU as one of your institutions. FIU’s federal school code is: 009635. If FIU is not listed on your FAFSA, FIU will not receive your Student Aid Report (SAR). For assistance please contact the FIU-NSE Financial Aid liaison. 

    Lazara Sardinas 
    FIU-NSE Financial Aid Liaison 

    It is recommended that you contact her by email. Please note that you must have an active FIU-NSE Panther ID in order to receive a Financial Aid package from FIU. 

  • HOME pay (plan B):

    Students on Plan-B pay tuition and fees (except the $10 FIU ID fee) to their home school. This is a manual process at FIU coordinated by the FIU-NSE office. To waive all FIU tuition and fees, please have your schedule finalized by August 4, 2023 for Fall semester and December 1, 2023 for Spring semester. If you make any changes to the number of credits after this date, please contact the FIU-NSE office, to get the tuition adjusted accordingly. 

    Students on Plan B must show proof that they have paid the necessary tuition/fees to their home institution (paid schedule or receipt). If your fees are paid through financial aid, you must submit your award letter. This must be done one week before the FIU deadline to pay for courses. 

    Students on Plan B apply for financial aid (if applicable) at their home institution. You may not apply for financial aid through FIU if you are on Plan B. A $10 ID fee is charged to all students at FIU, including Plan B NSE students. 

    When you arrive on campus, please visit the FIU Student Financials to make this payment. Failure to do so will place a financial hold on your account. 

    FIU Student Financials 
    Modesto A. Maidique: SASC 101 
    Biscayne Bay: ACI 140 


Housing Deferment

Housing Deferment for Financial Aid recipients for full or partial payment of Fall-term housing fees may be requested by submitting the following:

  • A copy of your official notification of financial aid award, include your name, Panther ID, and identify yourself as “National Student Exchange”
  • Include the number of credit hours you are expecting to take during Fall-term at FIU
  • The tuition rate (per credit or total amount) that you will be paying to either your home school (Plan-B) or FIU (Plan-A)
Submit all housing deferral requests to Susy Sanchez via email:


IMPORTANT! If neither payment, payment plan, nor housing deferment form is received by your housing payment due date, your bed space will be released and reassigned to another student.


On-campus housing is limited and NOT guaranteed! The 2023/2024 Housing Agreement is found online via your MyFIU account. It is your responsibility to review your housing needs and financial resources before signing this agreement. Please be sure to review the Terms and Conditions of the Housing Agreement. 

Priority Housing Assignment deadlines for NSE students are as follows: 

  • Fall 2023 only: June 1, 2023 
  •  Full Year exchange: (Fall & Spring): June 1, 2023 
  • Spring 2024 only: October 2, 2023 

Pay close attention to the housing agreement and cancellation policies. 

  • Housing Agreement

    Please note that the housing agreement is for both Fall and Spring semesters (one year). If you apply for on-campus housing but change your mind, you must cancel the agreement by the indicated deadlines of the cancellation policy (July 1) or you will be assessed all fees for the entire term. This also applies if you are only attending for Fall, and you need to cancel the Spring part of the contract (since all contracts are for one year).

  • Deadlines

    Please pay attention to deadlines! FIU offers on-campus housing at the Modesto A. Maidique Campus. Please note, if your major is Hospitality and Tourism Management or Marine Biology, most of your courses will probably be offered at the Biscayne Bay campus. The Biscayne Bay Campus offers the Bayview Student Living-Apartment Complex, which is considered as OFF Campus Housing and independent from FIU Housing. The Bayview contracts are annual long (Fall + Spring), unless prior arrangements are made with Bayview Apartments. Refer to the academic calendar for housing check-in dates. Early housing check-in is available to NSE students.

  • Fall 2023 Housing Move-In Instructions

    To promote social distancing, Housing has implemented new policies to ensure students have a smooth moving-in experience. These policies require the student to sign up for a one-hour time slot on their MyFIU account. The move-in period is August 18-20, 2023, from 9am-6pm. Instructions to select a time slot are online:  Housing and Residential Life  under the "Resident Resources" tab. Check-in will be contactless and will also be done through MyFIU. 

  • Residential Parking

    All students in university housing complexes need to obtain virtual permission to park in the residential student parking. Please refer to the FIU Department of Parking and Transportation to register your vehicle. This virtual permit also allows the vehicle to be parked legally in student spots and housing areas (if living on-campus). This permit is valid for the current semester only.

  • Contact Housing

    You may contact the Housing & Residential Life office directly at 305-348-4190 or email Always identify yourself as “NSE” and provide your Panther ID number. Applying for On-Campus Housing 

    • Log into your MyFIU account 
    • In the ‘Campus Resource’ Section, click on ‘Student Housing’ 
    • Click on ‘Fall 2023 Housing Agreement’ 
      • Note: the housing contract is an annual long contract (including both Fall 2023 & Spring 2024 terms). If you are exchanging for Fall-term only, you will have the option to cancel the Spring-portion of the housing contract during the Fall-term at FIU 
    • Please be sure to select at  least 4 options for room-type preferences under the tab titled, ‘Assignment Preferences’ 
      • Note: only Freshman students are required to purchase a meal plan. Meal plans are optional for NSE students. 
    • You must agree to the Housing terms and conditions by clicking “I agree” 
    • You will be required to pay online for the $100 Agreement Processing Fee (nonrefundable) 

    Fall 2023 Housing assignments will be processed by end-of-July. Please monitor your FIU email (Panthermail) as the Housing office will email your housing assignment details, payment options, and deadlines! 

  • Off-Campus Housing

    For off-campus housing please refer to the Commuter Student Services Forum.

Meal Plans

Only Freshmen students are required to purchase a meal plan. Meal plans may be viewed and purchased at Panther Dining. Meal plans may be purchased by all students attending FIU, despite if you live on- or off-campus. Please refer to Panther Dining for detailed dining information.


Unofficial transcripts should be sent to the FIU-NSE office by April 1, 2023. Official transcripts including Spring 2023 grades should be sent directly to the FIU-NSE office as soon as they are available. If you are taking Summer or Fall term courses, you will also need to submit an official transcript with final grades once they are available. 

View or order Transcripts


All advising must be done at your home campus. You do not have an advisor at FIU because we do not know what your university will count for transfer credits. Course descriptions are available from the online FIU undergraduate catalog or MyFIU.

My Accounts Login

My Accounts is where students can view grades, view how-to videos, manage classes, parking permits and much more.

Learn how to access My Accounts or visit OneStop for more information.

Login to MyAccounts.


It is important to use your FIU-Email account because you will receive important University-related and NSE information (housing assignments, financial aid, etc.).

Learn how to access your PantherMail account.

UTS (University Technology Services) maintains and supports FIU Webmail.

You can reach the FIU Division of IT, a one-stop for technology support by contacting their call center at 305-348-2284 or online chat.


MyFIU Student Portal

MyFIU is the FIU student system through which registration, financial aid, student info, records, and transcripts can be accessed. Panther ID numbers will be assigned by the NSE office once your Visiting Student Application is received. Once you have your Panther ID number, you will need to create your log-in password. Please remember to write down your Panther ID and Password in a secure place.

Learn how to access MyFIU.

Login to MyFIU.

FIU OneCard

Once you have an FIU class schedule, you are eligible to obtain your FIU One card.

Please visit or contact the campus FIU OneCard Offices at:

  • Modesto A. Maidique campus Gold Garage-1st floor, 305-348-3910
  • Biscayne Bay campus, Room WUC 143, 305-919-5406

You must present proof of your class schedule (including panther ID number) and valid photo Identification (passport, driver’s license, etc.). Other school ID cards may NOT be used as a valid photo ID. Your FIU OneCard will provide a debit application to facilitate the electronic payment of on-campus purchases.

There is a $10 ID fee for all students. This will automatically be assessed to the tuition & fees for NSE students on plan-A.

NSE students on plan-B must pay this $10 directly to Student Financials:

  • Modesto A. Maidique campus SASC 101
  • Biscayne Bay campus ACI 140

NSE Academic Calendar layout

  • Fall Semester 2023 (tentative dates)

    April - August 4

    NSE Fall 2023 Registration (online)

    August 4

    Online Registration must be finalized; Manual NSE Tuition waivers will be processed

    August 18-20

    Official Housing check-in (9AM-6PM)

    August 18

    NSE Orientation (Required!) 
    Canadian Students must attend an additional orientation with the Office of Education Abroad Orientation/ISSS

    August 20

    Last day to register w/out incurring a $100 late fee

    August 21

    Classes begin

    August 28

    Drop/Add period ends; last day to drop courses or withdraw from the University without incurring a financial liability

    August 29*

    Fall Semester Payment Due Date (Host Pay Students)  
    *A payment plan for multiple tuition payment installments will be available prior to the semester start date (sign up via myFIU student account)

    August 30

    $100 late payment fee assessed if full tuition payment not made

    September 4

    Labor Day Holiday (University Closed)

    September 15

    Last day to withdraw (all courses) from the University with a 25% refund of tuition

    October 30

    Deadline to drop a course with a DR grade 
    Deadline to withdraw from the University with a WI grade

    November 10

    Veteran's Day Holiday (University Closed)

    November 23-25

    Thanksgiving Holiday (University Closed) 
    No Saturday classes

    December 4-9

    Final Week of the semester - modified class schedules

    December 14

    Grade reports available to students by web

    December 22-29

    Winter Break (University Closed)

    Dec. 31 - Jan. 1

    New Year's Day (University Closed)

  • Spring Semester 2024 (tentative dates)

    November - December

    NSE Spring 2024 Registration (online)

    December 1

    Online Registration must be finalized; Manual NSE Tuition waivers will be processed


    Official Housing check-in

    January 7

    Last day to register w/out incurring a $100 late fee

    January 8

    Classes Begin

    January 8

    NSE Orientation (Modesto A Maidique Campus only) 
    *Newly arriving Canadian-Students must attend an additional orientation with the Office of Education Abroad Orientation/ISSS


    NSE Orientation (Biscayne Bay Campus only)

    January 15

    Martin Luther King Holiday (University Closed)

    January 16

    Drop/Add period ends; last day to drop courses or withdraw from the University without incurring a financial liability

    January 17

    Spring Semester Payment Due Date (Host Pay Students)

    February 26-March 2

    Spring Break

    March 18

    Deadline to drop a course with a DR grade

    April 22-27

    Finals week

    April 27

    End of Term

    May 2

    Grade reports available to students by web