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About the NSE Program

The National Student Exchange provides an exciting opportunity to attend one of the over 160 colleges and universities across the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands at in-state tuition or at little or no more cost than you now pay!

Many of our outgoing students describe NSE as a life-changing experience which has made them more independent, self-confident and resourceful, expanded their risk-taking capabilities, and helped them better define their academic and career objectives. Students who have been on exchange return to our campus with lasting friendships formed with students from all over the world.  

“Being away from my comfort zone (home) was challenging yet rewarding because I made friends from all around the globe and made memories that I will forever hold on to.”

Kary Perez, Spring 2019


  1. Be a full-time student for the term prior to exchange
  2. Have a 2.8 GPA at the time of application and at completion of the term prior to exchange
  3. Apply early (We recommend that students go on exchange as sophomores or juniors, which means applying as freshmen or sophomores)
  4. Good standing (academic, personal, and financial) with the university
  5. Attend an NSE Information Session

Students must attend an information session in order to receive an NSE application package. The NSE application requirements are as follows:

  • The NSE application
  • A non-refundable application fee
  • A current transcript
  • A personal statement
  • A personal interview

Length of the Exchange

Students may participate for a single semester or a full academic year. Some campuses can accommodate summer exchange. The maximum cumulative total for exchange participation may not exceed one exchange location per calendar year. Academic approval by your major advisor is required.  


There are two tuition payment plans utilized by NSE:

  • Plan A: You pay the resident (in-state or in-province) tuition/fees to your host campus.
  • Plan B: You pay your normal tuition/fees to FIU.

On both tuition payment plans, fees which are assessed as a condition of enrollment (e.g., laboratory courses, general service, computer, technology, art and photography supplies) are paid to your host campus.

  • Room and meals are always paid to your host campus. You are responsible for transportation, personal expenses, and sightseeing opportunities while on exchange.
  • With some exceptions, financial aid for eligible students is applied for, awarded by, and disbursed from the U.S. campus at which tuition/fee are paid.

Member Campuses

The National Student Exchange provides an exciting opportunity to attend one of over 160 colleges and universities across the country at in-state tuition … at little or no more cost than you now pay! Explore participating campuses today.

Begin Your Journey

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Where are FIU students this year?

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Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Metropolitan

Montclair State University  

Stony Brook University  

University of Alabama  

University of Hawaii at Hilo  

University of Hawaii at Manoa 

University of Massachusetts Amherst 

University of Massachusetts Boston  

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities  

University of Puerto Rico, Cayey  

University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras  

West Virginia University  

Western Oregon University