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Interfraternity Council

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is a self-governing body representing the member fraternities of Florida International University. IFC believes in promoting fraternal values through scholarship, service, philanthropy, athletics, leadership development, building community, and programming opportunities to its member organizations. Members of the IFC are held accountable for living out the values of their fraternal organizations and demonstrating integrity.

Executive Board





Alexander Collado

VP of Operations

David Mora

VP of Membership

Lucas Zamora

VP of Administration

Alfred Torres

VP of Management

Robert Vasquez

Director of Membership Development

Bryan Quintero





Alpha Epsilon Pi

Brandon Holcman

Beta Theta Pi

Arian Monzon

Delta Sigma Phi

Alejandro Paternostro

Delta Tau Delta

Jorge Salguelro

Phi Delta Theta

Giacomo Natteri

Sigma Alpha Mu

Alessandro Colangelo

Sigma Chi

Andres Molina

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Nick Perez

Theta Chi

Maverick Weidenbaum

Zeta Beta Tau

Drake Daugherty


The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is looking for men that are up to the challenge of going against the status quo, that are passionate about giving back to their community, are engaged in academic coursework, and that have the desire to be a leader.

In order to be eligible for membership, you must meet the following requirements:

  • be enrolled for a minimum of 9 credit hours in the fall and spring semesters OR 3 credit hours in the summer
  • have a minimum of a 2.7 if first semester freshman and a 2.5 if a current FIU student or are a transfer student. Individual chapters may have higher GPA requirements for membership.

If you are interested register for recruitment at

Once a bid is offered by a fraternity and is officially accepted by the potential new member (PNM), they become an associate member of the fraternity until initiation. We believe that Fraternal and FIU Values congruence is essential for meaning fraternal membership in our community.

For any additional questions, please contact our IFC Vice President for Membership at

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