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Academic Achievements

Fraternity and Sorority Life takes much pride in our students living their fraternal values, one of the most important being scholarship and academics. Our students excel in the classroom by achieving high academic accolades, engaging with faculty as research and teaching assists, participating in hands-on experiences through internships, and traveling abroad!

Fraternity and Sorority Life sets high expectations of academic achievement and responsibility through holding a community-academic standard of a 2.75 minimum chapter grade point average, but chapters usually excel that expectation consistently every term. Individual groups have academic chairs that hold members accountable to national and local chapter expectations of academic excellence through tutoring programs, study buddy systems, and chapter study hours. Additionally, many chapters reward members through financial incentives to those achieving the highest grades of the chapter each semester! All very motivating opportunities to achieve scholastically!

Order of Omega

The purpose of Order of Omega is to recognize those fraternity men and women who have attained a high standard of leadership in inter-fraternity activities, to encourage them to continue along this line, and to inspire others to strive for similar outstanding achievement. It also brings together members of the faculty, alumni, and students of FIU's fraternities and sororities on the basis of mutual interest, understanding and helpfulness.

Membership is limited to colligate Juniors and Seniors (honorary members excluded), representing only 3% of the campus' Greek population, making Order of Omega one of the highest honors a Greek member can receive.

If you have any questions about joining Order of Omega, collaborating with the group for an event or have other concerns, please contact the Executive Board by emailing


Apply For Order Of Omega

GOLD Star Program

The GOLD (Greek Outcomes for Lifelong Development) Star Program (formerly known as the FIU GOLD Standards Report) was developed in the Spring 2011 by a group of Fraternity & Sorority Leaders. Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) Staff currently use The GOLD Star Program as a tool to help measure the current standing of chapters, to determine areas of chapter development, as an annual accreditation program to ensure the continuous development and betterment of each chapter’s Greek experience. We use the data collected to report back on the accomplishments of individual chapters and the community overall. We also use this information to recognize chapters at Order of Omega’s Annual Greek Awards. The information collected informs various reports given to university and national community officials. Participation in The GOLD Star Program is required to be recognized by FSL and our campus based governing councils.

The GOLD Star Program outlines, templates and checklists can be found below. Submissions for the annual report will be submitted at the beginning (chapter rosters) and end each semester (full reports).

GOLD Star Program FAQ

  • What is the purpose of a Chapter Evaluation Program?

    To improve the management of, inspire the growth and development of, and evaluate the quality of fraternity and sorority chapters at Florida International University, the following evaluation and awards system has been implemented. This will allow FIU Fraternity & Sorority Life to longitudinally evaluate chapter performance—both overall and in various categories—ensure chapters are meeting basic expectations, and provide chapters with feedback, particularly in areas of potential improvement.

  • When will the requirements be due/submitted and how?

    Some requirements will be tracked throughout the year—like attendance at your governing council’s general body meetings, Presidents’ Roundtable Meetings, or all-Greek educational.

    Some requirements, like chapter rosters, will still be required to be submitted with the Beginning and End of Semester Reports via Panther Connect (formally known as OrgSync).

    The remaining requirements will be submitted in through a comprehensive packet; chapters will be given an easy-to-use template to help create this packet. The final submission will be due mid-November via email; for most chapters, this encourages officers to reflect on their term, prior to transitioning, and allows outgoing chapter officers to submit the packet—without place undue burden on the incoming officers.

  • How do I access Panther Connect (formally known as OrgSync)?

    Once you’ve accessed your chapter’s portal, you will find all Beginning of Semester and End of Semester Reports under the Forms section. You will then be able to submit on behalf of you chapter.

  • How is this different and similar than previous GOLD Standards?

    GOLD Standards did not measure chapters in different, specific areas and only ensured that chapters were submitting data to the FIU FSL office. Both programs will have Beginning and End of Semester Reports. However, the biggest difference is there are no monthly reports in our new program and, instead, chapters will submit a comprehensive packet in November.

  • Who will be reviewing these submissions and assigning points?

    FIU FSL will be reviewing all submissions and assigning points. Each staff member will evaluate each submission and the chapter will receive the average (whole numbers only) score. This will ensure consistency across reviews.

  • What does the first submission in Fall 2018 look like?

    FIU FSL recognizes that these new standards and requirements are being released halfway through many officers term—and fully understands that all chapters may not meet all expectations just within the Fall 2018 semester. However, submission and compliance with the program will still be required and all chapters will need to submit their final submission packet. However, chapter statuses, particularly those with Two Star Status and below, will not be used to create sanctions or probationary statuses until Fall 2019. This will allow chapters to go through the new chapter evaluation process—without undue stress—and will allow FIU FSL to pilot the program and make any necessary changes prior to the full implementation in the 2019 calendar year.

  • Will chapter statuses be made public?

    Yes, chapter statuses will be made public via the FIU FSL website and a community-wide update via email. This will promote a spirit of transparency within our fraternal community and will allow up to publically celebrate the successes of our chapters.

  • How will awards work with this new program?

    Many end of the year awards will also be determined by this evaluation program. The top three highest-scoring fraternities and sororities will be in the running for the Fraternity/Sorority of the Year awards. Additionally, “Excellence in …” awards in Safety & Wellness, Member Development & Leadership, Scholarship, University & Community Relations, Chapter Operations, and Recruitment Intake & Retention will be determined based on submissions and scores.

    Individual awards, like Chapter President of the Year, Fraternity Man/Sorority Woman of the Year, etc. will still have a traditional nomination/review process.