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Executive Branch

President, Vice President and Chief of Staff Meetings:
Mondays: 11am – 1pm
Comptroller Meetings:
Mondays: 12-1 pm
Tuesdays: 3-6 pm
Fridays: 12-6 pm


Agencies serve as administrative divisions of the Executive Branch, created to provide goods and/or services to the entire Student Body. The service shall be student-oriented and shall be available for use by all students.

The Register Student Organization Council oversees and represents all undergraduate clubs, graduate clubs, and Honor Societies. The RSOC shall be responsible for allocating funds to each organization, providing a structure for funding, and providing leadership to its member organizations.


Legislative Branch

Senate Delegations


Alejandro Suarez
Aiden Mueller
Maria Paz Grijalba
Sachintha Pieiris
Sergio Reyes


Christine Rubido
Daniela Cruz
Gabriela Alvarez
Jordan Morejon Castelli
Tyler Lopez
Valentina Casanova
Alex Benin
Edward Hernandez
Daniela Mederos


Gabriela Tovar
Nicholas Ramirez

Engineering & Computing

Cristhofer Lugo
Fernandeo Melara
Hervangelot Lordeus
Natalie Meneses


Joshua Mandall
Kehinde Alawode
Yendy Gonzalez
Karim Mostafa
Kaylee Arvay

Honors College

Jean Rodriguez

Hospitality & Tourism Management

Celesse Temes


Jacob Bharat - MMC
Sebastian Aviles - MMC
Taylor Sokolosky - MMC
Vacant - BBC


Alexander Sutton
David Luis
Sadie Testa-Secca

Lower Division

Zoilo Batista - MMC
Vacant - BBC

Nursing & Health Sciences

Joshua Lovo-Morales



Public Health & Social Work

Tyra Moss

Upper Division

Rodrigo Alea
Nicholas Pastrana

Medical School

Manuela Jaramillo

Law School


Judicial Branch

The Supreme Court is composed of a chief justice and four justices. The court shall interpret any provision of the constitution, and statutes within the sovereignty of Student Government. Repeal statutes that conflict with the provisions of this constitution as well as hear cases that fall under its jurisdiction. The court has the power to subpoena students or pertinent information for the purpose of testimony during hearings for SGA matters. Also, the court shall hear appeals on matters pertaining to elections violations.