Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) is critical for both your personal and professional growth. It is increasingly recognized as a skill leading to personal well-being, self-management, effective communication, problem-solving, and the ability to work with others. Studies show that the most effective leaders have high levels of emotional intelligence.  

FIU now offers a free emotional intelligence badge for your online credentials. The EI micro-credential will help you develop your emotional self-management while increasing your ability to work with others. 

Workload is roughly equivalent to that of a one-credit course. The micro-credential does not appear on the academic transcript and has no bearing on GPA or progress to degree, but learners are encouraged to account for the micro-credential assignments in their weekly planning. Learn more about the topics covered by clicking here.


What will you learn? 

You will learn emotional intelligence concepts related to personal and social awareness, self-management, and relationship management. You will also learn strategies to recognize and manage emotions, identify negative beliefs and self-talk, listen empathetically, and better manage relationships. Upon completion of this micro-credential, you will: 

  • Identify and describe emotions, discuss the fight or flight response, describe strategies for combating it
  • Discuss the four attributes of empathy, identify responses that help create empathy, demonstrate empathetic strategies in conversation 
  • Identify negative beliefs and self-talk, apply the ABC strategy to challenge irrational beliefs, describe strategies for mindful use of technology 
  • Apply win-win problem solving to a real-life problem; describe strategies for effective teamwork; discuss strategies for influencing and managing change 
  • Develop an Emotional Intelligence Self-Improvement Plan that identifies their strengths and weaknesses and describe how the EI skills apply to their major and career of interest. 

How to sign up


The emotional intelligence micro-credential will be available in: 
ENC 1930Essay WritingFall section(s) - U01, U02, U03, U04
MAN 3100Happiness at WorkFall section(s) - RVD
SDS 4403Facilitative Communication and Helping SkillsFall section(s) - U01
MAN 4442International Business NegotiationsFall section(s) - 
IDS 3073Understanding Your Liberal Studies MajorFall section(s) - 


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