Male Mentoring Initiative

About the program

The Male Mentoring Initiative enhances the academic, social, and professional success of male-identified learners. The goal of MMI is to empower our male-identified learners through mentoring and meaningful interactions with staff, former participants, and campus resources. Additionally, this program provides students with the tools needed to become engaged and successful members of the FIU community.

Individuals who participate in this program will:

  • Learn to think critically about the male identity and what it means to "be a man"
  • Examine the expectations of the male identity in our modern society
  • Discuss how men are portrayed throughout our nation's history, culture, and media
  • Redefine the expectations of the male role in family and social relationships
  • Develop positive study techniques, stress management skills, and leadership competencies
  • Incorporate physical and mental health techniques that bolster student wellbeing

Male Mentoring Initiative is open to all students.

"Here I was around a group of men willing to give up time in their day to mentor me. I was assigned a mentor named Frederic soon after our first meeting. These men have been there for me every step of the way."

Joshua Lovo-Morales, Sophomore

Male Mentoring Initiative Program

The Male Mentoring Initiative Program is designed to support the educational, professional, and personal development of male-identified individuals at Florida International University. Below is a weekly topic breakdown of the program’s curriculum.

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When you're a part of this program, you get to experience events that you wouldn’t see anywhere else on campus, you get to connect with black and brown faculty members you may have never met before, you get to have your voice heard.

Frederic Aurelien, Junior