Sarah Edmiston, MA

Psychology Intern

Education: MA in Clinical Psychology, Point Park University

Approach to Therapy: After working to establish a strong therapeutic alliance, Sarah focuses on helping clients cultivate self-compassion, curiosity and courage to help them confront challenges. Using a trauma-informed, feminist, somatic, relational and existential lens, Sarah remains open and curious about clients while working to empower them. Sarah utilizes interpersonal process, mindfulness and somatic approaches to psychotherapy, which facilitates clients embracing complexity and meaning-making.

Supervisor: Oren Shibi, PsyD, Priya Kirpalani, PsyD, CGP

Professional Interests: Sarah has a special interest in ecological psychology and is passionate about reconnecting humans with the natural world, ancestral and spiritual wisdoms. An herbalist, she plans to one day combine herbal medicine with other modalities to create a more holistic approach to health and healing, particularly with those who have barriers to treatment access, including college students and older adults. Sarah has experience in providing treatment for a variety of presenting concerns, including disordered eating, substance abuse, grief, terminal illness, and intersecting identities.