Anabel Bobes

Psychology Intern

Education: Bachelor’s in Psychology, Florida International University – Miami, FL, Master’s in Clinical Psychology, Alliant International University – Emeryville, CA, Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology, Alliant International University – Emeryville, CA

Approach to Therapy: Honoring that each client is the expert of their own experience and inherently carries the ability to move towards their goals, Anabel brings non-judgmental curiosity, mindful presence, and unconditional compassion to each session. Anabel believes that it is helpful to have open discussions about identities and explore how they come into play in the lives of her clients . She has experience providing affirmative therapy to emerging adults and adults from marginalized and underserved communities. Drawing from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Anabel often uses mindfulness and acceptance as tools to guide her work based on each client’s values. She also utilizes Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help clients understand the relationship between their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and uses this knowledge to try new approaches that may work better for them.

Supervisor: Kenley Sullivan-Thomas, Psy.D and Priya Kirpalani, Psy. D, CGP

Professional Interests: As a bilingual and bicultural therapist, Anabel is interested in working with students who are struggling with their identities, navigating acculturation issues, or who prefer to incorporate Spanish into sessions. She is also interested in working with LGBTQIA+ students, students having difficulty adjusting to stressors, and students impacted by a traumatic event(s). Other interests include: mood disorders, self-image/self-esteem concerns, anger, and anxiety.