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Natasha Hahn, Ph. D.


Education: Dr. Hahn earned her undergraduate degree from The Florida State University, and her masters and doctorate degrees in counseling psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. Hahn completed her doctoral internship at the University of North Carolina Charlotte’s Counseling Center. She fulfilled her postdoctoral residency in the young adult inpatient detox unit of the Watershed Addiction Treatment Agency in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Approach to therapy: Clinically, she uses an integrated interpersonal process approach. Her belief is that each person has the internal resources to achieve personal healing with the collaboration of a non-judgmental supporter.

Approach to supervision: Dr. Hahn is also on the FIU CAPS training team and incorporates an integrated interpersonal process approach in her supervision as well. This approach focuses on the relationships between the training clinician and the supervisor.

Professional Interests: Dr. Hahn provides individual, couples, and group therapy, as well as supervision for clinicians-in-training. Dr. Hahn is also the Coordinator of the FIU CAPS Group Therapy Program. She serves on the diversity and workshop committees at FIU CAPS, as well as the University’s Alcohol and Other Drug Task Force. Her clinical specializations include interpersonal and group dynamics, cultural concerns, family dynamics, substance abuse treatment, and mindfulness. However, she has considerable experience in treating depression, anxiety, trauma, suicidal ideation, identity development, self-esteem, emotional regulation, and distress tolerance presentations. Additionally, Dr. Hahn's research interests include family dynamics, parent-child interactions, factors that influence substance abuse treatment outcomes, and minority student experiences.

Other Activities: Outside of work Dr. Hahn enjoys spending time with her family and friends, particularly creative outings and fun surprise dates. She also enjoys traveling, dancing, grooming activities, exploring different restaurants and cuisine, listening to music, and she is an avid listener of a variety of podcasts. Dr. Hahn is currently on the executive board of the South Florida Chapter of the Association of Black Psychologists, and she has interests in a variety of social justice issues.