Our Professional Development Workshops are offered throughout the year on the Modesto A. Maidique Campus (MMC), Biscayne Bay Campus (BBC) and Engineering Center (EC). They are designed to help you move your career forward by offering training in all facets of career and professional development.

Professional Development Workshop topics offered may vary by semester. Visit Handshake for the most up to date list of available workshops.


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  • Career Exploration

    Are you undecided in choosing a major? Come to this workshop and learn the importance of choosing a major, exploring different career options, and taking advantage of all your resources.

  • What Can I Do with My Major/Degree in ...?

    This session will provide insight into the career paths for the "What can I do With My Major/Degree in...?" series. You will be provided with insight from experts in the field, employment information, and resources to help you navigate the industry and/or sector. Learn to identify job titles, employers, related occupations, professional associations, and skills needed for those occupations.

  • Career Paths in Public Service

    Are you passionate about serving others and their communities? Learn about career paths within the federal and local government and non-profit sectors that make an impact in the community. This session will provide you with insight from experts in the field, employment information, and resources to help you navigate the public service sector.

  • Career Readiness

    Employers expect college graduates to have competencies in eight (8) broad areas. Join this conversation to understand the competencies and how your experience relates to each: Critical Thinking/Problem Solving, Oral/Written Communications, Teamwork/Collaboration, Digital Technology, Leadership, Professionalism/Work Ethic, Career Management, and Global/Intercultural Fluency. (Career Readiness defined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, NACE)

Branding yourself

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  • Branding for Success

    Social media is becoming a powerful tool in the hiring process, that can either make or break you. Attend this workshop and learn the do’s and don’ts of your online presence, and tools to effectively create your own brand.

  • Branding Yourself Like a Boss

    What makes a consumer buy one product over another — and makes one job-seeker much more sought after than others? This all has to do with your personal branding. Come out to this workshop and learn how to define who you are, how you are great, and why YOU should be sought out.

  • Elevator Pitch

    If you’re looking for a job, internship, or attending a networking event, one of the first tasks on your to-do list should be crafting an ideal elevator pitch. This 30-60 second speech about yourself and your goals will be one of the first impressions that an employer will have of you.

Networking and public speaking

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  • Networking and Branding with LinkedIn

    Yes! College students can benefit from using “the world’s largest professional network”. Attend this session to gain tips for utilizing LinkedIn for networking and branding yourself as a team member, job seeker, and professional. This workshop is geared towards individuals who have little or no experience with LinkedIn. However, you might find it helpful to have some knowledge. For example, does your college/major have a LinkedIn page? Does your ideal company to work for have a LinkedIn page?

  • Networking Skills

    Learn how and why networking is vital to your career, and how you can network your way into a job by knowing your audience and perfecting your own networking skills.

  • How to be an Effective Public Speaker

    Ever wondered the keys to success to deliver a great presentation? Always wanted to know strategies and tips that would allow you to clearly communicate your ideas when presenting to others? Then this is the workshop to come to! With this workshop, you will learn the tools you need to plan, prepare, and present great presentations.


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  • Internships

    Learn about the different types of internships and top reasons to intern, strategies in researching, applying and preparing for internships.

  • Internships 101 for International Students

    Come to this workshop to learn more about the requirements, process, and steps you should take to find an internship as an international student and not fall out of status. Learn first-hand from representatives from the International Student & Scholar Services as they supply you with valuable information to answer internship questions.

Job search

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  • Goal Setting for your Job Search

    Identifying and setting goals provide direction that lead to positive results with your career search. This workshop will help you to create clear, focused and realistic goals. You will learn the purpose of goal setting, how to create a SMART goal and utilizing tools that will help you to organize your search.

  • How to Find Federal Jobs/Internships

    Students learn practical knowledge about employment and internship opportunities available with the Federal Government. Learn about the different types of agencies and government programs, and how best to inquire with them about employment opportunities.

  • How to Prepare for a Career Fair/EXPO

    Learn the importance of attending a career fair and/or expo. Identify communication strategies for use before, during and after the career fair. Learn how to successfully network with employers and stand out positively from the crowd.

  • Prepare for a Career/Technical Conference

    Learn how to navigate the ins and out of attending a career/technical conference as a student. Including how to best prepare for a conference, identifying communication strategies for use before, during and after the career fair, and lastly how to successfully network with employers and stand out positively from the crowd.

  • How to Prepare for the Federal Government Conference

    Unsure about attending the Federal Government Conference? Does it sound intimidating? This workshop will teach you what to expect at the conference, how to dress, how to introduce yourself to the Federal Government Recruiters and other attendees and how to prepare for this conference.

  • Careers Around the World

    Attend this professional panel discussion to network and gain information and tips about working outside of the U.S.

  • Job Search Strategies

    Searching for an internship or a job is a job in itself. Attend this workshop to learn about tools and strategies to assist with your search. We will review resources for finding jobs (e.g. Handshake, LinkedIn, The Muse) and networking (e.g. student organizations, classmates, professional associations, LinkedIn company pages, on-campus events), and will encourage you to create an action plan for your search.

  • Job Search Strategies for International Students

    Co-presentation with the ISSS office informing students of the hiring process and requirements for international students in the US. Students learn about ways to navigate the job/internship search process and maximize their experience for future opportunities.

  • Live CPT/OPT

    ISSS office provides students with an informative session with an attorney specializing on Visa and employment requirements.

Professional Development

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  • Interviewing Skills

    Understand the goals and importance of an interview. Learn effective tools in preparation for the interview process, the appropriate communication skills, behavior, and dress code for an interview, as well as what to do after an interview.

  • Resume Writing

    Your resume may be your only chance to get an employer’s attention, so you have to get it right the first time. Learn about appearance, style, and formats in writing a resume letter.

  • CV Writing Workshop

    Learn how to write a CV, including different formats, styles and the function of a CV compared to a resume.

  • Researching Employers on LinkedIn

    Learn about employers who are attending the Career Fair or EXPO by looking them up on LinkedIn. We will review their LinkedIn page, see what jobs they have posted on LinkedIn, and find out if we are connected to employers through FIU.

  • Salary Negotiation

    This workshop provides students with the necessary skills to negotiate, research the market, and position themselves in the current job market. 

  • How to Manage Your Finances

    Whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student, it is important to start thinking about your financial future. A financial representative will lend their knowledge and answer any questions you may have about effectively managing your finances.

Color with Career

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  • Coloring with Career: Vision Boarding

    Career and goal-setting through visual collages to help students reflect on interests, achievements, short-term goals, and long term goals for their personal and professional development. Great tool for discussions of reflection to action.

  • Coloring with Career: Wandering Maps

    Career, values, and strengths exploration activity that guides participants through creating a visual that captures the patterns and themes in significant moments. After completing the maps, students uncover themes and threads that have been throughout their lives, revealing their natural strengths and mindsets. Student can use their maps to connect strengths and experiences to goal setting in their personal and professional life.

  • Coloring with Career: Self-Portraits

    Self-portraits can help people examine themselves through reflecting on their current perceptions and the influence of future goals. A great tool to motivate self-confidence and pursuit of experiential learning.