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Career and Talent Development (CTD) at FIU has partnered with Handshake - a modern career development platform - to be your one-stop shop for launching your career.

Handshake offers new features, enabling you to: 

  • Access personalized job recommendations based on your major and interests
  • Register for Career Fairs and network with employers
  • Manage on-campus interviews with top companies
  • Schedule appointments with your career advisors

Please note, that all FIU students’ accounts are preloaded into the Handshake system. Please go to Handshake to claim your account with your FIU email.

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Need Help?

Handshake has a support site that should be able to help answer all of your questions! Of course, you're always welcome to call one of our 3 locations and ask for help, too.

CTD Handshake Student and Alumni Manual

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VMock aims to empower students and professionals in various phases of their career journey leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. The VMock platform delivers personalized career guidance to students across the world.  Over 250+ leading schools and university career centers and alumni use our products to accelerate their career goals. Our mission is to be a game-changer in the space of career development through delivering exceptional products related to resume feedback, improving LinkedIn profile and overall career preparation. 

Here’s what VMock brings for you: 

  1. VMock SMART Resume

SMART Resume provides users an initial score benchmarked against their cohort along with detailed, personalized feedback and guidance to help improve their document to exceed industry standards for high-quality. The feedback is segmented into 5 core modules: Impact, Presentation, Competencies, Bullet and Section-level feedback. Feedback is dynamic, adjusting as users make improvements to their resume; guiding each step of improvement to create a world-class resume. 

  1. VMock Aspire

VMock Aspire helps create a compelling LinkedIn profile with targeted and personalized recommendations to improve the language, content and key terms for recruiter search optimization. Based on intelligent skill gap analysis and analytics, users get personalized feedback on key skills to highlight and aligning their LinkedIn profile with their aspirations.

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Don’t know where to start?

Browse through our comprehensive list of the degrees that FIU offers and the career possibilities for each.

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Talk with a Career Coach

Before you begin your job search, sit down with a CTD Career Coach to better prepare yourself.

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Career Services not only helped me on becoming more capable in my career field, but it also provided hundreds of job opportunities on its website and hosted many career fairs for me to browse through.

TingTing Liang, MBA in Healthcare

Attend Events

FIU students are welcome to attend any of these year-round premiere events to get professional advice, learn more about a particular industry, network with employers, or even get recruited.

Gain more experience

Internships are an ideal way to build your resume before entering the workforce. It’s recommended to have at least 2 internships on your resume. Visit our internships page to see available opportunities for your internship search.

Connect with employers

Students are encouraged to take the opportunity to learn about and meet potential employers. This is a great way to learn first-hand what you need to land the job, as well as expand your knowledge on what companies have to offer you in a more personal way. CTD offers various opportunities like Lunch Time Sessions, Panther Shadows Program, Career Connections and more.