Instagram Story Takeover

Attract potential employees organically

Instagram Stories is our way of creating and highlighting more opportunities for employers and students to connect. With a tap of your finger, you can see 'behind the scenes' into the companies that have FIU students walking their halls, making decisions, drinking a lot of coffee and getting it done. Instagram Story Takeovers will allow you to peek into the 'other side of the desk'. Interested?

Instagram Stories offer a unique way for employers to highlight their company or organization in an authentic, easy to access way. Companies can show:

  • their office appearance
  • who their employees are
  • where they eat lunch
  • the company culture
  • what makes their company or organization unique

Instagram Stories allows for two-way communication between students and organizations.

What is a Instagram Story?

Instagram is one of the most popular forms of social media for college students. Expand your company's brand recognition to better recruit students to your company or organization by highlighting why students would be a good fit for the company culture. Students see what they can expect from your organization, by providing a glimpse into a ‘day in the life’ through conducting a takeover.

Takeover playlists

We will save each Instagram Story takeover and publish it on YouTube. This will allow all FIU students to see the benefits of your company or organization even after the Instagram Story Takeover is completed. Companies and organizations can apply to do more than one takeover provided they highlight different offices, locations, or departments.

Tips for Instagram Story Takeovers


  • Start with a video introduction. Let people know who you are (name, title, FIU alumni or not, hometown), and what your company does.
  • Illustrate a day-in-the-life of an employee at the company. Blend: what your typical day looks like, and what is so great about working for your company.
  • Get creative! Feel free to experiment with filters or whatever else you enjoy about Instagram Story. Try mixing things up between photo and video.
  • Let viewers know how they can follow you on Instagram or other social media accounts.
  • Let students know how they can apply for positions with your company.


  • No images or videos with:
    • Consumption of drugs or alcohol or promotion of alcohol culture
    • Nudity or provocative posts
    • Inappropriate language
    • No hate speech or bullying
  • Follow others on our account.
  • Switch your phone from vertical to horizontal to make viewing easier.
  • Contact students for their personal contact information.
  • Communicate with students about topics not related to their job search or your company/organization.

Equal Access

In order to allow equal access for all employers requesting a Instagram Story takeover, Career and Talent Development reserves the right to limit the number of takeovers in which a company may participate due to a limited number of slots. If you have questions or concerns, please email