VMock Resume Optimizer

Resume optimization is a critical step before you apply for a job. But how do you know what makes a resume ready? How can you get the right keywords in your resume to go through the ATS? Search no further; the Resume Optimizer module is here to help!

Resume Optimizer enables you to create a recruiter-ready resume for a job description. It instantly scans and provides an analysis of your resume - identifying missing keywords, soft skills, and all prerequisites.

Salient Features

Match Score
Get an accurate match score of your resume against the job description.

Keywords Analysis & Targeted Recommendations
Equip you with functional and general keywords and their count to improve the effectiveness of your resume. Also, it provides bullet-level recommendations and targeted sample phrases in accordance with the job description.

Skill Gap Analysis & Sample Bullets Recommendation 
Run a soft skill gap analysis and identify the transferable skills that showcase your readiness for the specific job. It also helps you in improving your resume by suggesting ATS keywords and sample bullets for each soft skill.

Requirement Analysis 
Showcase your academic experience and technical know-how on tools and certification requirements that are needed for the job.

ATS Formatting 
Obtain content and presentation check feedback on the basis of ATS requirements.


Follow these steps to access Resume Optimization:

  • Go to www.vmock.com/fiucareer
  • Once registered, the platform will redirect you to the user dashboard.
  • Click on resume optimization from the left navigation menu. Upload a job description and select a resume for optimization.
  • Get a match score and feedback summary on keywords, skills, requirements, and ATS formatting.
  • Edit your resume based on optimization feedback and recommendations with SMART Editor.
  • After making changes, re-evaluate your resume to get an updated optimization score (Note: you only get 20 scans in an academic year).
  • Download your optimized resume in a PDF or Word format.


Vmock Targeted Feedback Icon


  Red Zone - (between 0% - 33%):

Your resume needs work! Pay attention to the feedback and specific keywords and skills relevant to the job description.

  Yellow Zone - (between 34% - 67%): 

You are on the right track. With some focused effort, you can get into the green zone. Incorporate the feedback and improve your match score.

  Green Zone - (between 68% - 100%): 

Great going! But there could still be room for improvement. Review the feedback and ensure that you have followed all the suggestions given by the optimizer.

Your goal: Reach the green zone!

Note: In case you have any queries using the system, reach out to us at support@vmock.com.