Elevator Pitch

Interviews can be intimidating and nerve-wracking, but with the right preparation and practice, you can feel confident and prepared for any interview. Here on VMock, we offer two resources to help you improve your interview skills: VMock's Elevator Pitch and Mock Interviews


  • Non-Verbal focuses on your body language & provides insights to create a better visual impact on the recruiters. 
  • Delivery of Speech analyzes speech on certain audio parameters & provides feedback symbolizing confidence in interview speech.
  • Content Strength evaluates the content to check the structure and presence of necessary elements in the interview response.  

 Salient Features

  • Get instant feedback on your interview basis your body language, diction and content, which is holistic and not subjective.
  • Watch your interview and get time-aligned feedback. It is easier to improve if you can watch and hear your interview performance along with the feedback.
  • No interview scheduling hassles, no geographical and time constraints. Practice your interview whenever you want, wherever you want. Just practice!


Follow these steps to access Elevator Pitch:

  • Go to www.vmock.com/fiucareer
  • Once registered, the platform will redirect you to the user dashboard.
  • Select Interviews from the left navigation menu and click on Elevator Pitch.
  • Follow the instructions and get the calibration done.
  • After the interview, you can view the detailed feedback and video summary of your performance.
  • Understand the steps to overall improvements in the summary section to take your interview to the next level.
  • Go through the know more and next steps in detailed feedback section.
  • Incorporate the overall feedback in your next interview. You can also share your video to your career coach and peers for the Network Feedback.