VMock Aspire

VMock Aspire helps users get instant feedback on their LinkedIn profile with targeted and personalized recommendations on how to improve the language, content and keyword optimization of their LinkedIn profile. Using Aspire, students can strengthen their search engine ranking, improve profile le visibility and create a consistent story across LinkedIn and Resume for recruiters.

Based on intelligent skill gap analysis and analytics, users get personalized feedback on what skills to include as well as how to position their LinkedIn profile to fit careers they are interested in.


  • Actionable insights on evaluated strength of overall LinkedIn Profile.
  • Content Suggestions for a cohesive profile summary.
  • Intelligent Skill Gap analysis and a tailored recommendation.
  • Keyword Optimization for better profile visibility using SEO.

 Salient Features

  • Know where you stand for your chosen Career Job Function based on your Profile Strength benchmarked against your relevant peer group.
  • Ensure you don’t miss the finest details and make a great first impression with comprehensive language and impact assessment.
  • Showcase the appropriate skill set with an intelligent assessment of core competencies reflected in experiences written on your profile.


Follow these steps to access Aspire:

  • Go to www.vmock.com/fiucareer
  • Once registered, the platform will redirect you to the user dashboard.
  • Click on the Aspire in the left navigation panel and connect it with your LinkedIn account by entering your credentials.
  • Aspire will process your initial profile and present you with a summary of analysis & feedback.
  • Incorporate changes to your profile within the application. Once finalized, update (copy/paste) to your LinkedIn account or download the final PDF for use.

You are all SET to improve your LinkedIn Profile!


VMOCK targeted feedback icon

Red Zone

Pay attention to the feedback and specific examples particularly relevant to your situation.

Yellow Zone: 

You are on the right track and with some focused effort, you can get into the green zone. Follow the feedback and improve your score.

Green Zone: 

Great going! But there could still be room for improvement. Review the feedback and ensure that you have done your best.

Your goal: Incorporate VMock feedback to reach the green zone!

You will get an instant LinkedIn Profile strength score and actionable feedback after connecting your LinkedIn account with VMock platform. Follow the feedback to make improvements and edit the profile to see an improved version!

Note: In case you have any trouble using the system, reach out to us at support@vmock.com.