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  • MyFutureFlorida


    MyFloridaFuture is a free, online college and career planning tool that provides students and their family members with a wealth of information to make better-informed decisions about educational options and future employment opportunities.

  • Career Coach

    Whether you are looking into the Career and Talent Development Department to help you start your career, change career paths, or take your current career to the next level, we are here to help you pursue your goals.

    That's why we invite you to explore Career Coach, an easy-to-use online tool developed to help students like you get real-time, research-backed information on various careers and degree programs.

    How does it work?

    • Get Started
      • Take an assessment that matches you up with careers. Or just search for any program or career.
    • View Your Matches
      • Explore broad career pathways that match your strengths and interests.
    • Explore Careers
      • Compare careers within a pathway: salaries, required education, and more.
    • Find The Right Program
      • Explore the programs that will train you for your favorite career. Quickly apply for programs by jumping over to the institution’s program page.
    • Take The Next Step
      • Create a profile and quickly craft your resume. Career Coach will even suggest tasks and skills to include based on your work experience. Ready to apply? Upload your resume directly to employers within Career Coach!


     Discover Career Coach 

  • VMock SMART Career Platform

    FIU Career and Talent Development is delighted to introduce the VMock SMART Career Platform that will help you in your career preparation journey by utilizing powerful data analytics and Artificial Intelligence through actionable feedback. 

    • SMART Resume
      • Bullet samples and smart analytics
      • Resume score benchmarked against peers
      • Actionable feedback in just 30 seconds
    • Aspire
      • Instant suggestions to improve LinkedIn profile
      • Intelligent skill gap analysis and recommendations to power up your profile
      • Suggestions and analytics to strengthen search engine ranking

     Access VMock Platform

    VMock FAQs

    Smart Resume

    How do I sign up for VMock?

    1. Click the following link: vmock.com/fiucareer
    2. Students will then provide their FIU credentials
    3. Students will then be instructed to create a website-specific password for VMock


    Do I need to convert my resume into a PDF?

    For VMock to read a resume, it must be submitted as a PDF. Please be sure to convert the document if you have written it on any other platform. Kindly convert the resume to PDF through the following steps -

    1. Open the completed resume in Microsoft Word.
    2. Click on File and then "Save As".
    3. When the "Save As" window opens, in the drop-down menu next to "Save as type:", "select "PDF(*.pdf)", "Best for printing" and click on “Save”


    Does the score need to be green for it to qualify as approved on Handshake?

    At this point, the VMock score will not get in the way of your resume approval on Handshake, it will enhance your chances of receiving resume approval. The score provided by VMock is based on the benchmarks set for your particular degree. Although the goal is to have your score be around the green zone (86 or above) there might be times where it is an acceptable resume in the yellow zone (33-85) that would be approved on Handshake with recommendations to consider when submitted.

    Can I edit my resume directly on VMock?

    VMock does not allow for edits to occur directly on the website, therefore we recommend having both VMock and your Resume opened side by side so you may follow along with the recommendations provided by the website.

    How can I get a career advisor/specialist to see my feedback and provide additional comments?

    1. Click on the resume you have submitted.
    2. On the top right, click on “Share for Network Feedback”
    3. Fill out the required information, and select the reviewer you would like to review your document (in this case whoever is instructing the student)


    Where can I find resources outside of VMock?

    For resources we provide students during the resume writing process, feel free to access the resume examples found in the Resumes & Cover Letters section below.

    How many resume reviews do I get on VMock?

    Each student gets 10 resume uploads in a single academic year and to ensure optimum usage, kindly incorporate as much feedback as you can in one go. Please reach out to the career center for requests regarding additional uploads and it will be looked at on case-to-case basis.

    Aspire (LinkedIn Optimization)

    What is Aspire?

    Aspire is a feature on VMock that allows students to receive detailed feedback and guidance to improve key LinkedIn profile elements for target career, search engine ranking and profile visibility

    How can I use Aspire for my LinkedIn profile?

    1. Log on to your VMock account through www
    2. After logging in, go to the left side of the page and click on “Aspire”
    3. Once clicked, please follow the directed instructions from VMock to connect your Linked profile and upload a PDF of your LinkedIn profile
    4. Once connected, the system will analyze your profile and provide recommendations for your LinkedIn profile.


    Can I edit my LinkedIn profile directly from Aspire?

    Aspire will not change your profile directly from VMock (due to LinkedIn privacy restrictions). After tweaking your profile on the ASPIRE platform, click on the “Integrate” button to receive a list of changes to be made and simply copy and paste all relevant changes to your LinkedIn profile to build a high impact profile.

  • LinkedIn
  • Firsthand (formerly Vault)

    Firsthand, formerly known as Vault, allows you to access to downloadable career guides, employer profiles and rankings, discussion boards, industry blogs and news on the latest trends and issues, diversity, green programs and leadership development profiles. Firsthand's job board matches employers and recruiters with top talent. To access Firsthand's resources, you must first create an account. The Career and Talent Development department subscribes to Firsthand, so it is free of charge for Florida International University students. To get started, follow the instructions below:

    1. Go to the "fiu.firsthand.co" login page.
    2. Click on the person icon to the left of "Log In." Click on "Sign Up." Make sure "I am a Student" is selected, and use your Florida International University e-mail address to create your account, and choose a Password. Click “Continue.”
    3. On the next page, fill in the appropriate information, and submit.


    Need Help?

    Firsthand has a support site with FAQs that should be able to help answer any of your questions.

    Visit Handshake's Help Center 

    Additional Firsthand Resources:

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