Week of Welcome

Spring 2023 Schedule

Monday, January 9

Game Room Grand Opening
10AM to 12PM - GC Game Room (MMC)

Week of Welcome MMC Kick Off
12PM to 2PM - GC Pit (MMC)

Week of Welcome BBC Kick Off
12PM to 2PM - WUC 141 (BBC)

Mini Pep Rally for Basketball Game vs. FAU
2PM to 4PM - GC Pit (MMC)

SGA Senate Meeting
4PM to 6PM - GC 150 / WUC 155 / go.fiu.edu/senatemonday

Auxcord Wars
7PM to 10PM - Tamiami Promenade (MMC)

Tuesday, January 10

Breakfast Bonanza
10AM to 12PM - WUC 141 (BBC)

League of Legends Spring Kick Off
11AM to 2PM - GC Pit (MMC)

UpRoar Pop Up Event
11AM to 3PM - GC Lawns (MMC)

We've Got Your Six
12PM to 2PM - GC 243 (MMC)

SLG × LUL: Cultural Feud
6PM to 10PM - GC 140 (MMC)

Wednesday, January 11

CLS 101: Expo Edition
11AM to 2PM - GC Pit (MMC)

UpRoar Pop Up Event
1PM to 3PM - Panther Square (BBC)

Basketball Double Header vs. FAU
3PM to 7:30PM - Ocean Bank Convocation Center (MMC)

IFC General Body Meeting
6PM to 8PM - GC 150 (MMC)

MGC Week: Info & Meet the Neos
7PM to 11PM - GC 125B (MMC)

Thursday, January 12

Meet the Next Champions - Roarthon
10AM to 3PM - GC Pit (MMC)

MGC Week: Mental Health and Wellness Event
6PM to 8:30PM - GC Pit (MMC)

UpRoar Concert
7PM to 12AM - Parking Lot 5 (MMC)

Friday, January 13

Roarthon Contestant Fair
11AM to 3PM - GC Lawns (MMC)

MLK Commemorative Celebration Breakfast
8AM to 10:30AM - GC Ballrooms (MMC)


For more event details log in to pantherconnect.fiu.edu with your Panther ID.

  • BBC: Biscayne Bay Campus
  • EC: Engineering Campus
  • MGC: Multicultural Greek Council
  • MMC: Modesto Maidique Campus
  • SGA: Student Government Association
  • SPC: Student Programming Council
  • VMA: Veteran And Military Affairs