Message from the Senior Vice President

The Division of Academic & Student Affairs is quick to respond to our student needs with innovative and creative solutions. The Division teaches civic responsibility, leadership, and commitment to service; nurtures an understanding of diversity; and contributes to academic success by providing students with support services and experiential learning opportunities that foster an enduring connection to the university. Our university community has a tradition of turning the impossible into the inevitable and you are part of this unforgettable journey.

At FIU we are ensuring our students’ success. We are connecting them to the university on a deeper more engaged level through initiatives like the Panthers Connect Challenge. We play a key role in retaining, graduating and helping our students gain the necessary skills they need to be employed. From class choice to micro credentials, the Division is leading the way in developing those critical competencies our students need.

The Division is finding ways to become more efficient and ensure that all of our actions are helping us achieve our mission and vision. From social mobility to U.S. News and World Report, we want to make history as the first Hispanic, urban serving university to achieve that level of success.

The future is bright for FIU. We are actually choosing the road less traveled. But I am more optimistic about this future and I am excited about how we work together in sometimes different and innovative ways to accomplish the mission together.

The division charge:

  • Empower and support your stakeholders
  • Intentionality in scaling efforts is as important in the effort itself
  • Patience and fortitude to support (and push) the change
  • Persistence
  • Use data and analytics but ask the questions others don’t
  • Be unapologetic

Elizabeth M. Bejar
Senior Vice President, Academic & Student Affairs